• thumbnail Being an FDIC insured bank, we are able to offer our clients some of the very lowest rates available. We have access to the absolute best and most current programs in the industry.
  • thumbnail Being that we are a direct lender, making our own underwriting decisions, we have some of the fastest turnaround times in the industry. No delays getting your deals closed. Many loans in 24-48 hours!
  • thumbnail ENG Lending is the mortgage division of the Bank Of England, which is a U.S. Bank that has been around since 1898. We lend our own money and are well capitalized.
  • thumbnail We adhere to a strong code of ethics and personal standards of excellence. Our level of expertise and mortgage industry experience will give you the confidence you need in your mortgage professional.
  • thumbnail Staying connected to each other is integral to our success. We will update you throughout the process, and keep you abreast of our customer’s progress. You will always know where things stand!

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As an FDIC insured U.S. Bank that has been around since 1898, you can rest assured our integrity, values, and customer first approach will give you the peace of mind you deserve.

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August 6, 2014

Importance of a True Pre-Approval Letter

Over the years, the term “pre-approval” has had many different meanings to lenders, real estate agents, and customers.  Today, with stricter banking guidelines, it has narrowed greatly and has a true definition.  To be pre-approved means that both the credit … Continue reading

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